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Del Amitri

Into The Mirror (Live in Concert) (Signed)

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Release Date: 20/10/2014

Discs: 2

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Into The Mirror (Del Amitri Live in Concert) is the band's first official live album. Release date October 20th.

This 2CD boxed set includes 23 tracks and was recorded during the band's 2014 UK tour. Their first in 12 years. It comes with a 20 page booklet.

Limited Edition signed copies. *

*signed by Justin and Iain

1 Always The Last To Know
2 Kiss This Thing Goodbye
3 The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
4 Just Like a Man
5 What I Think She Sees
6 Not Where It's At
7 Sleep Instead Of Teardrops
8 Be My Downfall
9 Food For Songs
10 Tell Her This
11 In The Frame
12 Nothing Ever Happens
13 Roll To Me


1 Driving With The Brakes On
2 Hammering Heart
3 Spit In The Rain
4 Stone Cold Sober
5 Being Somebody Else
6 Drunk In A Band
7 In The Meantime
8 Here And Now
9 Just Before You Leave
10 Move Away Jimmy Blue